2011 DCPIHEP workshop

Flavor Symmetries

January 4 – 14 Colima

2011 DCPIHEP workshop participants

2011 DCPIHEP workshop participants (from left): fefo, Alma, César (on his knee), Raymundo, Ferruccio, Lorenzo, Joern, Harry, Steve, Liliana, Roberto, Alberto, Jaime, Eduardo, and José (missing in the picture: Javier, Carlos, Eckehard, and José Andrés)

Invited Lectures

C.S. Lam (McGill University): Symmetry of Leptonic Mixing

Ferruccio Feruglio (INFN – Padua & Padua U.): The Flavour Mystery: New and Old Ideas

Stephen F. King (U. Southampton): Flavour Models


Joern Kersten (Hamburg U.) Supersymmetric Musings on the Predictivity of Family Symmetries

Eckehard Mielke (UAM-I) Einsteinian gravity from a spontaneously broken topological action

Myriam Mondragón (UNAM) TBA

Eduardo Peinado (Valencia U. IFIC) Dark matter stability from discrete flavor symmetries

Liliana Velasco (CINVESTAV) Guidelines for constructing the family symmetry of the G2 – MSSM models


Alberto Acosta U. Zacatecas
Carlos A. Alvarado Rojas U. Colima
Alfredo Aranda U. Colima
César M. Bonilla Díaz U. Colima
Lorenzo Díaz BUAP – Puebla
José D. García Aguilar CINVESTAV
Jaime Hernández BUAP – Puebla
Ferruccio Feruglio INFN – Padua & Padua U.
Joern Kersten Hamburg U.
Stephen F. King U. Southampton
C.S. Lam McGill U.
Eckehard Mielke UAM-I – México
Roberto Noriega Papaqui U.A.E. Hidalgo
Javier Orduz BUAP – Puebla
Eduardo Peinado Valencia U. IFIC
Raymundo Ramos Anguiano U. Colima
Alma D. Rojas Pacheco U. Colima
José Andrés Sepúlveda Quiroz U. Colima
Liliana Velasco Sevilla CINVESTAV

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