2022 DCPIHEP Workshop Talks

June 6

M. Carena

Title: TBA

C. Wagner

Title: TBA

June 7

A. Bashir

Title: From Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking in QCD to the Anomalous Muon Magnetic Moment

C. Alvarado

Title: Looking at the proton radius under anomaly-free U(1)’s

June 8

J. Virrueta

Title: Effective actions for fluid dynamics from holography

C. Vaquera

Title: Fun with scotogeinc neutrinos

June 9

C.-P. Yuan

Title: ResBos and CDF W boson mass measurement

A. Vicente

Title: Higgs lepton flavor violating decays

June 10

M.A. Pérez Angón

Title: FCNC-top quark processes and the scientific impact of developing nations

R. Noriega Papaqui

Title: Quark mass matrices elements correlations coming from 2- zero- textures

Jaime Hernández

Title: Higgs physics at futures electron-proton colliders


June 14

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