Welcome to the Dual CP Institute of High Energy Physics webpage. Here you can find information about our  activities, publications and members.

Publications (inspirehep)

Annual workshops / Talleres anuales

2023 Unification?


2020 BSM and Beyond

2019 Neutrino mass, mixing, and BSM physics

2018 Second Colima Winter School on High Energy Physics and Workshop: Physics Beyond the Standard Model

2017 First Colima Winter School on High Energy Physics – Workshop: Model building for Physics Beyond the Standard Model

2015 FLASY 2015

2014 Two Higgs Doublet Models

2013 Neutrino Physics

2012 News from LHC

2011 Flavor Symmetries

2010 LHC physics and Cosmology

2009 Neutrinos, flavor, and extra dimensions

2008 Gauge-HIggs unification

2007 SUSY and String phenomenology

2006 Current trends in EWSB and flavor

Are you about to finish a PhD in high energy physics? If so this may interest you:

Postdoctoral positions are now being announced. Check the Postdoc rumor mill.

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